Empowering women in business to speak English Confidently!

Stop struggling to speak and express yourself at work!

If you feel like you are losing out at work because you’re not able to express yourself quickly, confidently and with the right vocabulary. Let me help you express yourself with ease and confidence.

These conversation classes will help you…

  • Learn relevant vocabulary to have professional conversations and discussions in the workplace.
  • Learn and develop natural speaking phrases through natural conversation and practice.
  • Gives you the opportunity to use vocabulary you already know as well as learn and use new vocabulary in a natural speaking context.
  • Allow you to learn vocabulary in context and provide you with a comfortable environment to be able to use it and practice it so you can really develop your speaking and fluency.
  • Build confidence in your speaking as you continue to develop your speaking skills around different workplace and business related contexts.
  • Share and discuss different workplace issues that affect women and discuss them in English in a supportive environment

I get it…

You feel like you’re doing all the right things to progress your English, but you still aren’t seeing the progress you want. You feel like you have a lot of great ideas to express but can’t express them the way you’d like to in English. You feel like you’re lacking the confidence and vocabulary to really participate in your job and get noticed! The BEST WAY to do this is by using your English in a natural setting.

Let me show you how to really progress your English at work through Conversation

My Conversation Classes Include:

  • A pre-assignment of a short video or reading related to our topic and some questions to answer.
  • 1 hour group conversation topic around a business topic (for example: meetings, presentations, problems at work, dealing with difficult clients/customers etc.).
  • Pinpointing key phrases and vocabulary to work on and use in our discussions and also to practice in your homework.
  • Review and repetition of relevant vocabulary each class to ensure you understand how to use them and they become natural to you.
  • Feedback and tips from me to help you progress your English and use words and phrases correctly.
  • Facebook group to continue the conversation and practice between classes.

Who am I?

I’m your Business English teacher Eliza! I’ve been teaching English for over 12 years. I started teaching in Korea in 2009 and fell in love with it. From there I got my Master in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). From my time teaching English I have developed a simple, consistent approach to learning and developing your English through conversation. I work with my student’s to have discussions around relevant work related topics and use natural vocabulary and phrases repetitively in speaking so that it becomes more comfortable to speak and express yourself. This process in class combined with a bit of work outside of class to review and use the vocabulary in our facebook groups will ensure that you develop your English for the workplace.

I am a passionate and committed teacher who is very intentional with my teaching and gear my classes towards the needs of my students.

The topics of classes are chosen specifically based on different workplace contexts where we will use and learn the necessary phrases you need to express yourself naturally in these settings.