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The Ultimate Language Activity to Increase Participation in your ESL Class

Students engage in conversation in their classroom on a weekly, daily, monthly basis to help develop their English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. But what is often overlooked is a language activity that focusses on the daily conversations and interactions that students have within the classroom. This includes greetings, asking for help, …

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Describing Personality ESL Lesson Plan

Describing Personality Lesson Goals Teach vocabulary and phrases for describing personality traits By the end of class students should be able to: Use the correct vocabulary and sentence structure to describe different personality traits. Discuss what traits are positive/negative, and give examples of these traits in people Level: Pre-intermediate/Intermediate This describing personality ESL lesson plan …

Create a Great EFL Vocabulary Lesson using only a Newspaper Article

Using real-life content in class is such a great resource for students to learn from. A lot of times textbooks and ESL/EFL resources can present vocabulary and phrases that are not always realistic or used in our day-to-day vernacular. Or they can sound forced and sometimes actually a little corny! I love incorporating resources that …